Radon Testing

Long term exposure to radon gas is responsible for over 3,000 deaths annually in Canada, and is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Health Canada recommends all homes be tested, using a long term dosimeter (91 days), for higher than acceptable levels of radon.

As certified C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professionals, we provide Long Term radon testing for your home including:

  • Home visit and consultation to setup of 1 or more dosimeters according to recognized testing protocols
  • Shipment of dosimeters to an accredited lab for analysis
  • Consultation with you to review lab results and discuss any mitigation recommendations if higher than acceptable levels are discovered
  • The fee of $129 for 1 dosimeter ($179 for 2 dosimeters if multi-level or redundancy is preferred) includes everything listed above and we do all the leg work…all you need to do is make the call to protect your family!

Do you have a newer home? Radon mitigation is covered under the Tarion warranty for the first 7 years! To file a claim, a long term test must be completed by a Certified C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professional (that’s us!)