Why is the RHI designation so important?

One of the most important purchases that you will make in your life time is the purchase of a home. This process involves many specialists, one of which is a home/property inspector.

The home inspection profession is an unregulated industry, making your choice of home/property inspector more difficult. Fortunately, CAHPI the only national home/property inspection organization has highly qualified inspectors, of which OAHI is the Ontario provincial arm.

Only home/property inspectors that have met the requirements of the provincial/regional associations are allowed to use the term “Registered Home Inspector” or “RHI”. Also, “RHI” is the only designation recognized by the Ontario government under Bill Pr158 (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994)

Choosing an RHI designated inspector means choosing someone you can trust to objectively, independently and apart from anyone’s interests, other than your own, provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home/property’s major systems and components.

They are trained to objectively demonstrate technical proficiency and report writing skills and have committed to continuing education in order to achieve and maintain their member status.
Members are committed to conducting inspections in accordance with the OAHI Standards of Practice; committed to abiding by the OAHI Code of Conduct and are dedicated to providing superior customer service.